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“Not All Gospel Artistes Are Born Again Christians” – Adeline Baidoo Reveals

The ever celebrated gospel artisteAdeline Baidoo who is currently on a tour throughout the country to promote her new album has revealed that not all gospel artistes in Ghana are born again Christians.

According to her, most Ghanaian gospel  artistes who are into gospel, a genre of music do not live up to the words of the songs they sing; therefore such gospel artistes do not qualify to be called born again Christians. She explained further and said, some of these gospel artistes in the country visit what she termed unholy places to seek spiritual powers to make their songs a hit in their Ghanaian musical market. “The Bible says light and darkness have nothing in common; therefore if they claim they are born again Christians,  why do they visit such dark places” she quizzed vehemently.

The ever charming worshiper said some Ghanaian gospel artistes sing songs which are not spiritually led by the Holy Spirit simply because they do not study the scriptures and ask the Holy Spirit to direct their songs to heal, give hope and deliver or redirect the lost from their paths onto Godly path for eternal salvation. This is the joy of Christ, she stated.

To make my assertion clearer, some of these so-called gospel artistes when invited into churches to minister do not take part in the entire worship process of the church. They live the church soon as they are paid for songs ministered. They see song ministration in church as business. This attitude of such gospel artistes portrays  to many that they are just after money and not the work of God. Yes,  the word of God says the hands that do not work should not eat, but this should not be a justification  for gospel artistes to demand money before and after ministering songs to the children of God. They need not to be money conscious because money is the root of all evil in this world; hence their engagement with the spiritually dark world to promote their songs for financial gains.  They need to be told that, the act of singing was given to them freely by God so shall they also sing freely in the house of God, she stated.

She said, one other way to identify gospel artistes who are not born again is their style of dressing. She emphasized that as a born again Christian, you are an ambassador of Christ; therefore your dressing code should reveal Christ-like traits in you, she stated passionately. “Most gospel artistes today do not dress to portray the purity of Christ and I feel shy to see my fellow gospel artistes dress as such” she stated.

Adeline Baidoo broke into the gospel lime light in the year, 2008 with her first album titled Awuradze Agyem which literally means God has saved me. She then released another album in 2013 also titled Oye Awuradze.

Currently she is on a tour throughout the country promoting her third album. I waited on God and this is my time and I am amazed at the greater works my album is doing in the lives of people, she remarked. It is all joy to see people healed,  broken hearts repaired, the lost come home repented just for the fact songs have been ministered onto them,  she stated.

Story by Yaw Berko/hardpointonline.com

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