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Dr. Eugene Dordoye Must Go – Psychiatric Nurses

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The National Executive of the Psychiatric Nurses Group (PNG) has today 6th December, 2017 petitioned the Minister of Health, Hon. Kwaku Agyemang Manu in solidarity of their colleague mental nurses at Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital in the Central Region calling on the minister to as a matter of urgency relieve the head of the above mentioned facility with immediate effect.

The Group assets they have followed with keen interest some developments in Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital which have necessitated the action to petition the Health Minister to mitigate the matter brought before him for action since 20th November, 2017. In views of the developments in the said Mental Hospital, the Executives of PNG set up a fact finding team to inquire into some allegations leveled against Dr. Eugene Dordoye, the head of the above mentioned mental facility.

The petition continued that, the facts unraveled by the facts finding team set up by the executives of PNG in respect of the conducts of Dr. Eugene Dordoye, the head of Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital are so enormous and factual to warrant his removal from the position as head of the said mental facility.

According to the Group, the removal of the head of the facility hinges on bad managerial style exhibited by the head of the facility. The petition states that, the managerial style of the head enslaves the mental nurses and other workers of the facility thereby affecting the quality of mental services rendered to mental patients on admission at the said facility.

In a telephone conversation with the spokesperson for PNG, Mr. Philip Frimpong Okyere, acknowledged that, in view of the petition sent to the Minister of Health in Accra, copied to Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital Managementset, a committee was put up by the Mental Health Authority to investigate into the validity of allegations leveled against the head of the said facility. He said the evidence in the committee’s report buttress claims made by the mental nurses of the said mental facility.

He stated in the same conversation that, PNG describes Dr. Eugene Dordoye style of management as autocratic which turns to enslave mental nurses posted to the said mental facility. What he says whether good or bad is final. He continues to violate the rights of subordinates who work under him at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital. He continuously shows gross disrespect to nurses and mental workers at the said facility on constant basis. He openly insults, humiliates and abuses workers in the presence of patients, relatives and trainees.

He alleged further that, the Head of the facility has on several occasions denied workers of their earned annual leave which is against the labour law which allows workers to be entitled to casual and annual leaves. He deliberately refused to release some workers who have successfully acquired approval from the Mental Health Authority to work in other hospital or units claiming such nurses owe rent for occupying a dilapidated building which houses the mental nurses.

Dr. Eugene Dordoye is alleged to have threatened to deal with the local executives of PNG, the hospital administrator, the DDNS I/C if efforts to get him removed fall on deaf ears.

The PNG has said it supports every action that will be initiated by the mental nurses of the said mental facility. These actions include sit down strike.





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