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Clamp down on illegal Use of Gota – Says Teacher Danquah

The Executive Director of Teacher Danquah Research Institute (TDRI), a policy think tank, has called on security agencies to clamp down on  illegal use of Global Open Trunking Architecture (GoTa) popularly known in local parlance as “walking talker” on the principal streets of the country.

According to him, any distance in a radius you find some persons parading themselves as National Security Personnel wielding GoTa at the expense of the tax payer.  He said calls made on the GoTa are paid by Government out of taxes mobilized; therefore such devices should be issued out to persons mandated under the law under a controlled mechanism and not just to persons whose operation jeopardize the security of the country. “The issuance of GoTa to party faithful parading themselves as National Security Personnel is now a fashion which needs to be condemned by all well meaning Ghanaians” he stated.

He underscored the importance of the Gota and said the GoTa is assigned to public security personnel to enhance easy communication and quick response in the process of maintaining internal and external security; therefore the rampant use and exposure of such security gadgets defeat the purpose for which such devices were procured. “The use of the GoTa is a great idea, but the mass use of such devices by persons not mandated may have negative security implication and extra cost to the country”, he revealed.

He added that some of these security personnel use the GoTa to make personal calls which do not benefit the country in anyway, instead add extra cost to the country which is transferred to the innocent and poor tax payer to pay.

He was quick to mention that some people today use the GoTa under false pretense claiming they are National Security Personnel recruited to engage in nefarious activities; others also use it to extort money from unsuspecting individuals.

“The communication devices of security personnel, according to experts are not to be exposed for all to see so as not to compromise the security of the country”, he said.  National Security Personnel are to be secretive which means people should not know that they are security operatives to enable them carry out secret investigation to unravel some dealings or social vices in the society.

He called on the various security experts in the country to ensure that the excessive use of such devices to intimate and extort money from people to clamped down.

Story by Jude Ofei/hardpointonline.com


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